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Japanese Language Companion

Interactive Japanese Language Lessons

Computer assisted self-learning and teaching lessons.
Talking pages teach vocabulary, phrase, grammar and pronunciation.
Advanced interactive learning with the episode based simulator.

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Japanese Self Teaching Tools

We offer unique interactive tools to assist your learning with audio. A conjugation tool helps to identify the verb's conjugation pattern. Some lessons are equipped with powerful "AutoPull" feature where an automatic play-mechanism triggers randomly selected phrases with text and audio. In addition, our comprehensive kanji tools prepare your reading, writing and using skills for business, study, manga and/or visit to Japan ; the kanji draw tool is accessible from all of the pages. Open the kanji search box, copy and paste. It opens a pop-up window so that you can use it on any page. Well, try our unique conversation simulator if you are an intermediate Japanese speaker, or when you are ready to test your kanji skills.

Japanese Alphabet and Kanji Tool


Japanese Phrase Lessons - Text and Voice